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In California, it’s difficult to become a fully independent or autonomous real estate agent, because once you receive your license, you’re required to be listed under a licensed real estate broker. Oftentimes, these brokerages dip into your commission to help support their high-cost branch office leases and the demands of investors.

But at what price? The price of your hard-earned commissions!

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Who We Are

Blue Coast Realty is a virtual real estate brokerage based in California. We’re looking to recruit licensed real estate agents who would prefer to keep 100% of their sales commissions, operate virtually independently, but still receive the tremendous benefits of being licensed under a professional real estate brokerage.


Throughout our time in business, we’ve helped hundreds of agents all throughout California receive the benefits that they need from a brokerage, without having to hand over a percentage of their hard earned commission. At Blue Coast Realty, we provide the services that our agents demand from the brokerage that represents them, including our massive client pool, broker and lawyer access, legal support, insurance, marketing, and so much more.

Blue Coast Realty Is Reinventing
The Idea of A Real Estate Brokerage

Here at Blue Coast Realty, we’re the virtual brokerage that offers real estate agents located anywhere in California the freedom to manage and develop their real estate careers without mandatory meetings, sales targets, or burdensome obligations, but without leaving out a comprehensive broker support system and an established framework to facilitate real estate transactions.  We provide all of the crucial services that other real estate brokerages offer, but without that crucial catch – we provide our agents the opportunity to keep 100% of their sales commission because in our minds, our agents are the true boots on the ground who conduct most of the hard work

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